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The Anamchara

Each member of the Fellowship will be assigned an Anamchara (soul friend or spiritual director) from within the Fellowship. They must also have a spiritual director who is not a member of the Fellowship. To be considered for membership, the Aspirant must have been under spiritual direction for a period of not less than six months.

Life is a journey from birth to death. The Christian's life is a journey from death to life. An Anamchara should be one who has the task of being a "cartographer" along the way, mapping our spiritual journey toward holiness.

A soul friend is to be directive and challenging but never judgmental. "You do well to correct. You do not do well to reprove. The mind rebels against reproof. It is humbled at being corrected." The modern church has opted to be run by management structures rather than led by saints. Those in the Anamchara Fellowship will seek the consensus model of governance rather than a democratic or hierarchical model.


Photo above: depiction of Saint Columba;

below and right:

The Rev. Margaret Sterchi    

Anamchara to the Fellowship










Some spiritual mentors who have
helped us along our way...


  Bishop Douglas Cameron






Bishop Martin Shaw






  Esther de Waal






Father Thomas Keating






  J. Philip Newell







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