The Application Process and Contacts

Admission to the Fellowship

1. No person shall be denied access to the discernment process in this Order because of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disabilities or age.

2. Those desiring to be admitted to the Fellowship shall be at least 18 years of age and will make application as outlined in the Customary.

3. In the initial stage of application, they shall be known as a Seeker

Those desiring to be admitted to the Fellowship shall be at least 18 years old and will make application to the Vocation Steward or the Companion Anamchara. At this time the Applicant will be considered a Seeker.  The application process will last approximately three months and the following tasks will be completed.

  1.  Application Form:  click on link-> (located on next page)

           If applying as a Seeker for Aspirancy please email application to Sr.

           Susan   Alice:

           If applying as a Seeker for becoming a Companion please email

           application to Sr. Patricia Angela:

  1. Letter of Intent (why does the Seeker desire to become a member of the Fellowship and what contribution will he/she bring to its life and Ministry?)

  1. Spiritual Autobiography.  You will be guided through this process if you have never completed one before.

  1. A written reflection on one book related to Celtic Spirituality.   Suggestion will be made if desired.

  1. Participation in the Fellowship’s discussions on Facebook, and in its prayer life

At the end of three months the Seeker will be admitted as an Aspirant or as a Companion if that is their continued desire.

  1. An Aspirant shall be a member in good standing in a recognized Christian Church.

  1. Aspirancy is for a period of six months to one year, during which time the Aspirant and the Fellowship will get to know each other through online discussions and Priory meetings, if they are available; praying the Office, either Morning or Evening Prayer and Compline, from the Celtic Daily Prayer Book.

  1. The Aspirant will be in contact with their Bishop or Ecclesial Authority and Parish Priest or Pastor to discuss their vocation and Anamchara Fellowship.

  1. The Aspirant will begin a relationship with a Spiritual Director (Guide) if one

           is not already in place.

As Aspirancy begins each Aspirant will be given an Anamchara who will share the journey until Profession. The Aspirants will, when ready, apply to the Abbess/Abbot to be admitted as a Novice.  The Anamchara to the Fellowship and Formation Guardian will also participate in this decision.

  1. The time of the Novitiate shall be from eighteen months to three years during which time all the Formation lessons are to be completed.

  1. The Aspirant will be received at their Parish Church if at all possible, by the Abbess/Abbot, Prior or other designee, using the Service of Reception of the Fellowship.  If the Parish Church is not an option the Reception may occur at the annual Gathering of the Fellowship

  1. At the time of reception, the Novice may choose to adopt the habit of the Fellowship and/or a Religious name.

  1. At the completion of the Novitiate, the Abbess/Abbot, Anamchara to the Fellowship, the Formation Guardian and the Novice’s Anamchara may present s/he for election to the vowed life.